What is fact…what is fiction?


Last month I received an article from a producer friend in New York City. He obviously thought the product being discussed in the article, “Inteligen, proven to increase brain functioning by 300%” would be of use to me. Allegedly endorsed by Andersen Cooper and Stephen Hawking, Inteligen sounded too good to be true. And yes, it was. A natural skeptic, I immediately began looking for related articles using the endorser and reporter names cited in the article. What I found was the facts. My friend was one of many who have been scammed by fake news that plays to our vulnerabilities.

The phenomenon of fake news and its world changing potential is one of the biggest challenges we face in education today. ¬†As educators we need to train our students to question and to know that they will be predisposed to believe what’s written when news feeds support the opinion they may already hold. Our students need to learn to question the validity of what they read and hear each and every day. How do they do this in a world increasingly filtered through social media reality? They do it by learning from and with each other in real time where they can discuss and argue opposing points of view.

Be Objective

They do it through careful examination of information coupled with objective observation, challenging each other to think deeply with the guidance and support of their teachers.






Engage with Others

They do it by engaging with their community, learning how others live and work…expanding their world view.


Believe in the Future

And finally, they do it by helping each other to navigate the challenges of real life hand in hand with optimism, faith in their future and a healthy degree of skepticism.


~ Deborah Cook, Senior School Principal

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